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My volunteering period was bassed in Jerash, Jordan. My main task was to develop and play various recreational activities, teamwork and creativity games for refugees. To access games for their culture and level of understanding. The second part of the project was focused to build the frame for Forum Theatre and to let children find the solution to the problem on stage through their vision. Other tasks I have accomplished: Facebook page and website management; journalistic activity; improve their personal development.

 I taught children and translator words in romanian. I found out that between arabic and romanian are some common words. In this aspect I have improved a lot, speaking, writing and thinking in English has changed my way of thinking. 

I have learned how to create relevant video and photo resources. I learned how to use the Wix platform, our website is there. I developed my journalistic skills by writing articles about my work here. 

I understand that we have different cultures and this make us more beautiful and we have to accept as regardless of religion, nation etc. 

I have enriched my experience in education, work with children ( especially refugees ) and psychology. I want to continue volunteering in this area, try to involve more people to help them and be more mindful of their needs. My future plan is to have a organization for children and a psychological centre. 

I want to be change by example. Being one of those women who inspired me. Being the woman who pleads for education, kindness and peace.

I’ve been working in the last few days with a group of boys 10-15 years old. Each one  is wonder respectfull and responsibility. All eager to play with us and teach us new words in Arabic. 

Children are happy in Jordan. It is like an oasis of peace. There are wars around it, terrorist attacks and anxiety, but here is no corruption, criminals, terrorism. Everywhere there are control filters and make you feel safe.

I was looking at them how they were playing, how they were living now, and I felt great when they were dragging my hand to play with them once more. How do you refuse a child when he wants to play? You don’t… I feel like doing something really good for them and that’s the greatest satisfaction I can feel, it fills my heart.

“I prefer to judge women on their ethics, their values, what they think, what they do, rather than on what they wear.” -Queen Rania

The Jordanians are home to over 1 million Syrians and Lebanon as well, although it is an extremely small country. Many jordanians offer free apartments, rooms or available to Syrians. Still, many are in refugee camps in the city where I live, but somewhere in outside the city.

Religion is part of their life and conscience. It’s good because it gives them hope, makes them good to each other, and they help everyone, appreciate everything they have, even if it’s a little and reminds them that the sun is always coming out of the clouds.

In arabic we say “noor” for light.

I visited the whole country from north to south. I really like Wadi Rum, Petra and Wadi Mujib. Petra you know for sure that it is considered one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world; and Wadi Mujib is a canyon crossed by water, a place where I have truly lived the adventure of my life.

Wadi Rum offers you the experience of dessert, camels in their natural environment, hiking, climbing,camping in bedouin tents, desert tables and the most beautiful exposition of the moonlight.

The landscape is unreal wherever you look … you rarely see a little tree like the one at the bottom of the picture, and most often there are the camels that eat its leaves. Everywhere only huge rocks that take different shapes, red sand, white, orange and all over the camels free or legs do not go too far from the Bedouin camps.

I really felt I was out of my limits. There were huge rocks that I did not think I could climb, and yet I leaned on my elbows, pushed my knees and climbed to the top, because the wind blows stronger, the world disappears, the hills are showing you, and the horizon your vision is unlimited.

We were greeted with tea, a campfire, and a special dish made of sand, Zerb.

It was a special night, a night that happened 100 years and better, the longest of the red moon in the sky. The sky had every star in it. 

I can not describe what peace is born and set in my soul, you have to be there to understand.

Established in Jordan for two months, I understood and noticed human behavior, cultural aspects, I met people from all over the Globe encountered through my travels across the country, to validate and enrich my personal beliefs and to “fuel” my passion for education, but also the revolt for her lack.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what caused me to do that. Keep my deeper desires. To bring changes in education and make something significant for children. It’s a wonderful thing to do, and yet it will not be my only act in this direction.

I had time to think about myself and my life, the important people for me that really matter. I learned in this period how valuable my parents and friends who are loyal to me.

I’ve broken the barriers long ago or maybe I’ve never had them. I never had racial stuff. Over time, through education and openness, I have learned not to judge people, to accept and love them for differences, because they are special in other ways than I have learned to be.

I’ve been looking for years and I have not found a way of myself that I want  to keep it.

Show me several faces of the fires and I keep what I like; a shadow more vivid than the others,

A shadow I can feel through the house and know  that it’s mine.


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