Living My Jordanian Dream

It’s an unconscious connection between me and oriental culture since I was a little girl. I dreamed all of my life about Middle East, danced on Arabic music and read a lot of things about. 

I heard about this project last year and I applied immediately because it’s Jordan and children. All my studies are about education, my work and I really want to do something important in my life for children and education. This year I was selected and now, look at me, I’m living in Jerash, Jordan. 

I’m lucky because I have a partner in this project, Andrei and him is the most calculated and calm person ever I met and it supports me as I am like an expansive and energetic person. We flew with Turkish Airlines and could take with us 40 kg in our luggage, so I have with me all my cosmetics staff and favorite clothes.

The flight was good, we had food and I’m happy for that. In airplane for me it was cold, so my advice for all of you who travel is to take some thick clothing or jacket. 

Our home is in Jerash, where we have a beautiful and big apartment with the best view I ever saw. 

We met here nice and friendly people. Everyone wants to talk to us and ask “where are you from?”. For me it was a little bit strange because I look different from other women and people are following me with insistent eye. I understand after few days here that they are just curious and willing to interact with us. 

I was scared about the weather before coming here but it is bearable and I can wear long clothes like dress or pants, shirts and feeling good also. In my country I’m like a fashion icon and here I’m happy that I can wear other type of clothes and be decent, elegant, stylish and sexy at the same time.

People that I meet are very nice and kindly and they have a cult of hospitality. I received coffee all the time in every place. Arabic coffee? Oh! You really need to try this in your life because is the stronger one and aromatic coffee that I tried. I recommended you tea with mint because is good for your senses. 

I’m in love with food in every place I go, but here, traditional food is made for me: humus, falafel, pattaya and also all of the sweets. I think that in all my time here I will eat this kind of food. It’s on my list “mansaf”, kebab, moutabel, labeneh, manakish and others.

I feel like in a story when I’m in our terrace and hear the mosque. I was in Turkey and there every morning was like here. I can’t imagine the Orient without this sound. Is perfect and made this place complete and transport you through history. 

Advice for your travel, take care of transport. Here it’s not a regular transport, is only a bus form Jerash to Amman and cost 1 JD, but if you are in a hurry, please be careful and don’t take a taxi, is everywhere, but is expensive. 

Jerash is quiet and people are simple doing their routine; Amman, the capital of the country, is different. Full of people and tourists, cars and agitation, but there you have more things to see and to do. 

I started to learn arabic by myself and next week we will start the class. I’m really excited and I hope that I can to finish this stage with some arabic basic because is different from other language that I heard or knew before. 

Here the time doesn’t exist. Yes, you read correctly; jordanian take everything easy. It was hard for us, hard-working people and stressed to start every activity or meeting with relaxing talking, coffee or cigarettes. I smoke hookah almost daily to be an authentic jordanian because most of them are smoking. 

I have a lot of ideas for our work with children and I can’t wait to start the activities with them. 

So, that’s it my life here, I’m enthusiastic for everything life give me and I want to take all from this  experience and what that country can offer to me. 



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